1st Kyu Belt Syllabus

Karate Syallabus: 1st Kyu Belt Syllabus

1st Kyu Belt Syllabus


Students can be asked to perform any basic from the previous belts. They may also be asked to perform them to different parts of the body. Please click here to learn the Japanese terms.


Tobikomi Zuki Jodan, Gyaku Zuki Chudan, Surikomi Mawashi Geri Jodan, Mawatte, Uraken Jodan, Ushiro Geri Chudan, Jodan Uke, Gyaku Zuki Chudan, Ashi-Barai, Gyaku Zuki Jodan - Front Snap Punch, Reverse Punch, Roundhouse Kick (Off the Front Leg, Head Height), Turn, Back Fist Strike, Back Kick, Upper Block (Open Hand), Reverse Punch, Foot Sweep, Reverse Punch

Surikomi Mae Geri Chudan, Mawashi Geri Chudan, Ushiro Geri Hiza, Ushiro Empi Jodan, Ushiro Uraken Jodan, Ushiro Uraken Jodan, Kizamizuki Chudan - Front Snap Kick (Off the Front Leg), Roundhouse Kick, Back Kick (To the Knee), Spinning Elbow, Spinning Backfist Strike, Spinning Back Fist Strike, Upper Cut

Tobikomi Zuki Jodan, Gyaku Zuki Jodan, Haito Jodan, Shuto Gamen, Nukite Chudan, Age Empi Gamen, Hiza Geri Chudan (Step Back) - Front Snap Punch, Reverse Punch, Ridge of the Hand Strike, Knife Hand (To the Jaw), Spear Hand, Rising Elbow, Knee Strike (Step Back)

Shomen Neko Ashi Dachi, Kaka Te, Yoko Sokoto Fumikomi-Hiza, Mae Geri Chudan, Soto Uke Chudan, Gyaku Zuki Chudan, Yoko Uraken Jodan, Shoto Uchi Gamen, Kaka Te Chudan - Step into Cat Stance, Hooking Hand, Stamping Kick to the Side (Knee Level), Front Snap Kick, Outer Block, Reverse Punch, Back Fist Strike to the Side, Knife Hand Strike, Hooking Hand

Mae Geri Chudan, Kuti Gedan Barai, Morote Barai, Uraken Jodan (From Kneeling), Gyaku Zuki Gedan (From Kneeling), Age Empi Jodan, Mawashi Empi Jodan, Mawashi Empi Jodan - Front Snap Kick, Lower Block (Stepping Back), Two Handed Sweep, Back Fist (From Kneeling), Reverse Punch (From Keeling), Rising Elbow, Roundhouse Elbow Strike, Roundhouse Elbow Strike

Pair Techniques

Candidates must make up five pair techniques with a partner and perform them all both ways (attack and defence). Each pair technique must be a minimum of five moves and show imagination, precision and understanding of defensive strategies that can be used when attacked. You can look back at previous pair techniques for ideas.


Seinchin and Bassai Di
Three Previous Kata


The fighting lasts for 30 minutes non-stop against current black belts and every one to two minutes the candidate will start fighting a new individual. They must show that they have the stamina, determination and will power to last the whole thirty minutes. Gloves, gum shield and extra fitness training are compulsory. This section is not just about lasting until the end, you must be attacking as well as defending yourself and prove to the examiners that you are worthy of receiving your first Dan black belt.

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