Japanese Karate Terms

Body Parts

Ashi - Foot
Bisen - Bridge of the Nose
Chudan - Body
Empi - Elbow
Gamen - Jaw
Ganka - Chest
Gedan - Lower Body
Haito - Ridge of the Hand
Hiza - Knee
Jodan - Head
Shomen - Front or Top of Head

General Terms

Ashi Barai - Foot Sweep
Bunkai - Applications of a kata
Dan - 'Man' Black Belt Grade
Dojo - Place of training
Gi - Karate uniform
Gyaku - Reverse
Hai - Yes
Hajime- Begin either drill, fight or kata
Hidari - Left
Hombu Dojo - Central Dojo of an Organisation
Kaigaishii - Brave and Honourable
Kata - Form
Karate - Empty Hand
Karateka - Practitionor of Karate
Kiai - Loud Shout
Kumite - Sparring
Kyu - 'Child' Belts leading up to Black
Kyusho Waza - Pressure Points
Mae - Front
Mawat-te - Turn Around
Migi - Right
Nidan - Second Level
No Tsukomi - Leaning from the Waist
Obi - Belt
Rei - 'Repsect' Called when you preform the bow
Sempai - Assistant Instructor
Sensei - Teacher
Sensei Ni Rei - Bow to the Instructor
Yame - Stop
Yoi - Ready
Yoko - Side
Zenshin - Forward

Competition Terms

Aka - Red
Ao - Blue
Chukoku - Warning
Fukushin - Judge
Hajime- Begin either a fight or kata
Hantei - Decision
Hansoku - Disqualfication
Hata - Flag
Hikiwake - Draw
Ippon - One Point
Jikan - 'Time' used to call the time at the end of a fight
Jogai - Exit from the fighting area
Mienai - Could not see
Nihon - Two Points
No Kachi - Winner
Rei - 'Repsect' Called when you preform the bow
Sanbon - Three Points
Shushin - Referee
Shiro - White
Yame - Stop
Yoi - Ready

Kicks - Geri

Fumikomi Sokuto - Stamping Kick
Gyaku Mawashi Geri - Reverse Roundhouse Kick (Hooking Kick)
Hiza Geri - Knee Kick
Kakato Geri - Axe Kick
Kekomi - Thrust Kick
Mae Geri - Front Snap Kick
Mawashi Geri - Roundhouse Kick
Mawashi Geri Nihomme - Double Roundhouse Kick
Mikazuki Geri - Crescent Kick
Nidan Geri - Double Level Kick
Tobi Sokuto - Flying Kick
Uchi Mawashi Geri - Inside Roundhouse Kick
Ushiro Geri - Back Kick
Ushiro Mawashi Geri - Spinning Kick
Surikomi - Off the Front Leg

Punches - Zuki

Gyaku Zuki- Reverse Punch
Jun Zuki- Lunge Punch (same arm and Leg)
Furi Zuki - Hook Punch
Kizami Zuki - Jab Punch
Morote Zuki/Awase Zuki - Punching with Both Hands Simultaneously
Nagashi Zuki - Avoiding Snap Punch
Tobokomi Zuki - Snap/Jumping Thurst Punch
Ura Zuki - Upper Cut Punch at Close Range


Empi Uchi (Hiji-ate) - Elbow Strike
Haishu Uchi - Strike using the back of the hand
Haito Uchi - Ridge Hand Strike
Ippon Ken - One Knuckle Fist
Nukite - Spear Hand
Shuto - Knife Hand
Taisho - Palm Hand
Tettsui Uchi - Hammer Fist Strike
Uraken - Backfist Strike

Stances - Dachi

Musubi Dachi - Attention Stance
Neko Ashi Dachi - Cat Stance
Kiba Dachi- Horse Riding Stnace
Seisan Dachi - Feet Slightly pointed in, back toe in line with front heel
Shiko Dachi - Sumo Stance
Hachiji Dachi/Yoi - Ready Stance
Zenkutsu Dachi - Forward Stance

Blocks - Uke

Gedan Barai - Lower Block
Haishu Uke- Block using the back of the hand
Hiza Uke - Knee Block
JuJi Uke - Cross Block
Jodan Uke - Upper Block
Kake-Te - Hook Block
Nagashi Uke - Sweeping Block
Osea Uke - Pressing Block
Sasae Uke - Reinforced Block
Soto Uke - Outer Block
Sukui Uke - Scooping Block
Uchi Uke - Inner Block

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