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We have earned the trust of pupils and parents over the years.

Here's a few we've collected...

  • At the age of 5 my son was a handful, so his grandpa decided he needed a hobby, and karate was it! My son has been taught discipline, respect, and the best of all how to socialise with many age groups. As a parent you are always made welcome and are encouraged to support your child to practise and train, enabling them to progress and gain knowledge.  After 6 years of training my son is now on his journey to gain his black belt, and I know with the knowledge and experience his Sensei has he will succeed.  I would not send my son to any other karate school. All the Sensei’s have trained hard to get where they are today and can teach from experience.

    Emma Rowley
  • I have a lot to thank the Kaigaishii Karate Association for, especially the patient, kind and attentive Sensei’s.  My 8 year old son was a timid, shy and unconfident little boy, but 18 months on and 4 belts down he has the confidence and the courage to be disciplined and self-assured.  The Burnt Oak groups on a Monday and Thursday have become a safe and fun environment where my son has made some lovely friends.  I could not recommend this discipline and karate school enough.

    Sarah Collishaw
  • My son has used his karate sessions as a key focus in his life, he has developed both physically & mentally and matured through the clubs approach to exercise and discipline.  He has made good friends during his time at the club and is happy to chat to others irrespective of age, gender and race. He thoroughly enjoys his training time at the club and he ( and I ) would recommend the club.

    Adrian Boyce
  • My daughter was very curious to find out about the Kaigaishii Karate and has been attending classes with Sensei Beth at the Horniman Primary school for a couple of months now.  She really looks forward to her weekly class and loves the stances, breathing and of course the end of class games.  I've been impressed with the great teaching and the combination of discipline, physical activity and fun.

    Cathy Newman
  • We have been so happy with Kaigaishii Karate School and our daughter has now reached her Green Belt.  She has gained so much from her experience of attending the school.  It has been great for her physical fitness but most importantly she has had a real sense of achievement from aiming for her belts each time.  It is a safe and happy environment and she loves attending the lessons. 

    Polly Linton
  • My sons really enjoy coming to karate, it has helped there confidence and self defence.

    Clare Roxborough
  • My son has just started karate & absolutely loves it. The lessons are disciplined but structured so that it is fun. My son is very keen to show off his improving skills

    Sally-Anne Delasalle

Kaigaishii Karate School has 13 karate clubs in London, Kent and Surrey.

If you are outside of these areas, please contact us and we'll allocate your local instructor.

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